If You Find The Earth Boring...

Yugoslavian Monuments

I’m really fascinated by both architecture and sculpture, and these structures, commissioned by former Yugoslavian president Josip Broz Tito in the 1960s and 70s, certainly fit into both categories.  These structures were constructed for a variety of reasons – to commemorate WWII battle sites (Tjentište, Kozara, & Kadinjača), places where concentration camps were located (Jasenovac & Niš), or places that the government wanted to supplant its agenda.  Into later decades these structures were not maintained, which has led some of them to a state of abandon (and which I also have a fascination with).  If you’d like to read more: visit here. [gallery link=”file” columns=”5” orderby=”title”]

Summer's Fireflies

Summer may be officially over, but it’s still on my mind.  When I think about summer, I inadvertently think of fireflies.  This Japanese photographer, using slow shutter speeds, has captured the amazing beauty of the fireflies as they dance across Summer’s evening horizon. These photos were taken in various locations around Maniwa and Okayama Prefecture in Japan between 2008-2011.[gallery link=”file” columns=”5” orderby=”title”]

Television Identification Videos

For the last couple of years the blog Dispokino has held a monthly feature on Television Station Identification segments.  These short segments are ways that stations or programs would identify themselves or prepare those watching for the next program.  Dispokino has curated a great collection of these and I have selected a few of my favorites here: [youtube U3KgLby1Y88 600 400] [youtube UUM6GUN_qkA 600 400] [youtube 7X5W_UXE41E 600 400] [youtube B-in6pIkUII 600 400] [youtube Sx76Xj9OmMk 600 400] [youtube gcyAQrJILyg 600 400] [youtube VVjt0s4Mo6o 600 400] [youtube xGa6nXfOEi8 600 400] Here’s one from Heinz Edelmann (who you’ll recognize from The Beatles’s Yellow Submarine) for German television station ZDF for use in the 70’s. [youtube hsjUdJfiXOM 600 400]

Henri Speaks Out On: L'Haunting

[youtube R_fUsssnHPw 600 400] Boo! Happy Halloween!

Ambient Engine Noise (24 Hour Idle)

The Star Trek Enterprise’s ambient engine noise (24 Hour Idle) for your relaxation pleasure: [youtube ZPoqNeR3_UA 600 400]