For the last couple of years the blog Dispokino has held a monthly feature on Television Station Identification segments.  These short segments are ways that stations or programs would identify themselves or prepare those watching for the next program.  Dispokino has curated a great collection of these and I have selected a few of my favorites here:

[youtube U3KgLby1Y88 600 400]

[youtube UUM6GUN_qkA 600 400]

[youtube 7X5W_UXE41E 600 400]

[youtube B-in6pIkUII 600 400]

[youtube Sx76Xj9OmMk 600 400]

[youtube gcyAQrJILyg 600 400]

[youtube VVjt0s4Mo6o 600 400]

[youtube xGa6nXfOEi8 600 400]

Here’s one from Heinz Edelmann (who you’ll recognize from The Beatles’s Yellow Submarine) for German television station ZDF for use in the 70’s.

[youtube hsjUdJfiXOM 600 400]