If You Find The Earth Boring...

Disco 84

While a lot of the world has decided to open up, I’m still social distancing. Thanks to Jonny Trunk for his string of lockdown posts that have helped to keep me a bit sane, including this one, which included a link to this fun, and sure too put a smile on your face, video:

Just Like Starting Over...

Hello friends… It’s been five years since I posted or updated this site. I really have been meaning to connect with you in that time, but, yeah, life happens. This is my re-attempt to update the previous blog and get going on some new posts. I hope you enjoy.

Hello 2015

"Hello World, Hello Blog"

“Yeah It’s on. ”

How Records Are Born (Part Two)

I showed you a while back how records are born (with photos from 1954), courtesy of Columbia Records, here’s some photos of the same record making process taken from an LP sleeve circa 1962. [gallery link=”file” columns=”4” orderby=”title”]

The Hilliard Ensemble Sings Johannes Ockeghem's Deo Gratias

A while back I wrote about a concert when I saw The Hilliard Ensemble perform with Jan Garbarek.  Here’s a video manipulation of a 36-layered performance of The Hilliard Ensemble singing Johannes Ockeghem’s Deo Gratias.  I saw this first on Root Blog, but you can find it also on the website of creator Rudi Knoops. [youtube 1LlWhXNu_us 600 400]