If You Find The Earth Boring...

View From The Street

Jon Rafman, an artist from Montreal, has curated a series of images taken from Google Street View and placed them on his 9-Eyes website (9-Eyes being the number of cameras on the Google Street View Car).  I’m absolutely amazed at how the images he has selected accent the extraordinary nature of the everyday view from streets/roads.  I’ve gone through and pulled out 50 of my favorites and placed them here. [gallery link=”file” columns=”5”]

My People's List

So, you probably know I have a thing for lists, as I usually put one together for the end of the year (see here, here, and here).  Well, all annoyances aside (read here, here, and here), I’ve been nudged into compiling a Pitchfork People’s List. A list of my favorite albums from 1996 to 2011.  It’s not comprehensive and I really just mashed it together in a matter of minutes, probably would be a different set of 100 albums on any other day.  Also, because there are just a lot of great records missing from the list to begin with (i.e. Position Normal’s Goodly Time!) it’s a little wonky and not an accurate reflection of the tunes rolling around in my head at any given moment. Check out the stats on all the People’s Lists here.

Jim Henson & Raymond Scott's Bufferin TV Commercial

Can’t believe this is online: I’ve been a pretty obsessive fan of Raymond Scott and Jim Henson’s collaborations, but I’ve never seen this commercial before (just heard the sound on the Raymond Scott release Manhattan Research Inc.).  Scott & Henson collaborated on many projects in the late 1960’s.  This television commercial is from 1967. [youtube 7ebut9yyy54 600 400] Jim Henson provides the voice, Raymond Scott provides the sounds, and an actor played the lead (but you can see the out of sync voice over).

Man Interviews His Twelve Year Old Self

Jeremiah McDonald talks to his 12 year old self: [youtube XFGAQrEUaeU 600 400]

Ernest Borgnine Off The Bus

As a tribute to the great Ernest Borgnine: Jeff Krulik’s film Ernest Borgnine On The Bus. [vimeo 3894936 600 400]