If You Find The Earth Boring...

Thank You Earl Scruggs

As part of the holy trinity of bluegrass (with his longtime partner, Lester Flatt), Earl Scruggs was a legend.  We’ll miss you Earl.  This column from Steve Martin from a few months ago is required reading. [youtube 0pWnZFrdQFE 450 350]


I don’t know how I came across this movie, Pavillion, just a link from a link from a link - I suppose.  I haven’t seen the movie – it’s playing (opening?) right now at the SXSW festival – but it looks like one of those melancholic ‘coming of age’ young person reality movies (i.e. George Washington, etc.) that I seem to have a soft spot for. I guess the real reason this movie is notable for me is the movie soundtrack by Sam Prekop from The Sea And Cake.  One afternoon, I had this website open on my browser and the music loop from the website played for about 6 hours straight.  I fell in love with the loop. [vimeo 29049610 600 450]

Reel Movies From Paul Clipson

It won’t be long until film projectors are a thing of the past.  Thankfully, there are a few artists, such as The San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art’s Paul Clipson that still take – and make – from the art form found on 35 mm film. Here’s a mini-documentary of Paul Clipson and how he creates his film collages.  Be sure to check out some excerpts of his films and check out his website. [youtube fj2ZrOctJnY 560 315]

Instrument - Ten Years With Fugazi

I can’t really believe Fugazi’s Instrument film, which was compiled from ten years of footage, was released more than ten years ago… Now you can watch it on the web: [youtube xK-nACLfcTo 600 400]

Summer Round

Here’s an excerpt from Julian House’s film New Summer Wavelengths - with audio accompaniment from ‘Summer Round’ a track taken from Belbury Poly’s new album The Belbury Tales on the Ghost Box label. [youtube yGW05V7nCOQ 600 450]