If You Find The Earth Boring...

The Choreography of Fifteen Pendulums Experiencing Simple Harmonic (and Non-Harmonic) Motion

This video, from the Harvard Natural Sciences Demonstration Lectures website, shows simple harmonic motion of fifteen pendulums in increasing length.  More information can be found here. [youtube yVkdfJ9PkRQ 640 360]

Generation Sell

I found this article in the New York Times to be an interesting read.  Not entirely sure if I agree with it all, but it’s an intriguing take.

Setting The Mood With Some Music And Cocktails

I’ve been hipped to this new website, Drinkify.  Just in case you needed a little help deciding what drink to pair with a little mood music.

50 Watts

I absolutely love the image blog 50 Watts.  It’s described as a repository for “illustration and book art with a literary bent” and has mainly a “focus on international children’s books and Surrealism”.  50 Watts was born from a guest blog appearance on the great But Does It Float image blog, so, yeah, don’t dawdle on either.

Meditative Music with Pulse Emitter

Listen to a four hour long series called Meditative Music from Portland’s electronic guru Pulse Emitter.  Thanks for the heads up Root Blog. Volume 1     Volume 2     Volume 3     Volume 4