It was a hot Friday night this past summer.  It wasn’t late but I was tired and decided to lay down and read a little bit.  I put a digitized version of the new double LP On Patrol by Sun Araw on the stereo (on repeat!) and started to read.  Did I say it was really hot and humid, you know, the way it sometimes gets in the summertime?

I started to drift away to sleep as I attempted to read.  I wasn’t reading a novel by Philip K. Dick, or was I?  I couldn’t remember what I was reading.  I felt the hot sand of a silver white Hawaiian beach warming my body.  I slowly lifted up my head to see a futuristic crew of what looked like police, ride up on surfboards from white capped waves, wearing outfits stolen from the prop warehouse of the movie Tron.  As these uniformed beings were greeting me, a row of hip-shaking hula-girls sung from a distance, and then a shimmering saucer appeared flying above me in the sky.  A large green hand appeared from the spacecraft and slowly picked me up from the beach and brought me gently inside the apparently metal floating object.  I was placed in a soft lounge chair as a strange green being swayed in the distance playing a looping melody on an electric guitar.  It was wearing dark sunglasses.  Quite calmly, the large green hand plugged a stereo cable into the back of my head and I was filled with the static filled sounds of a broken Hammond organ perfectly matched to the electric guitar played by the strange green being.  The strange green being sang something but I did not understand its meaning.

I heard my phone ring and I slowly sat up in bed.  I looked at the phone, but the call registered “unknown number” with no other information.  I then looked at the time and realized I had listened to On Patrol for the last four hours in my sleep.  It was this night that I realized that this was a fucking great album.