I don’t remember why I was awake at dawn.  I could have had to take a friend to the airport or I might have been up all night, but I don’t think that was it, I was pretty sure I woke up very early for some reason.  I honestly don’t remember why I was awake so early and it doesn’t really matter anyway.  This was probably ten years ago, I don’t know.  All I really remember was going to my neighborhood coffee shop at Belmont and 34th.  It was early so the shop was just opening.  The bright sun came in through the high windows in the back of the shop and bleached out the room.  I think I might have been the only one in the shop, but I doubt it.  I think Sarah was working, the Sarah with the tattoo of the flying bird on her arm, and I think Hutch was working too.  The shop was silent except for the sound of coffee mugs clinking together, perhaps some coffee percolation, or was that music I heard?  Someone must have put some music on.  I remember thinking that I must be still in a dream.  Was I still asleep?  I thought to myself that I had to ask what the music was that was playing.  It was the first song from the new Vincent Gallo record, called When.  I think I went out and bought it later that day.  It’s been one of favorites ever since.

I listened to this album this morning as I was waking up.  For me, it’s for when the sky is gray, for when you’re still rubbing your eyes, and for when you are sipping your morning coffee, but for you it may be for another time.