I don’t think I have ever won anything by a random drawing before - and I’m not counting the time I was selected to, reluctantly, flip the light switch at my local town’s Christmas Tree lighting ceremony when I was eight years old - so you can imagine my surprise when I was just notified I had won an autographed copy of 1,000 Reasons Never To Kiss A Boy by acclaimed children’s book author Martha Freeman.

Not only am I very excited to be able to now proclaim that I have actually won something, but I’m also excited about finding out what all these reasons are, and there sure are a lot of them.  Perhaps this will help me to understand my adolescence a little better?  I plan not to show the book to my girl - I’ve obviously provided enough reasons for her not to kiss me, so I don’t need to introduce another 1000 reasons into the mix.  After I have finished my read, in order to spread the love around - people say you should pass a good book on to another librophile - I have an extremely special 9-year-old in mind who would very much appreciate this book as long as her mom and dad say it’s acceptable.