One of the highlights of each month for me is the arrival of The Wire magazine (I’ve had a subscription for more than a decade and a half now) and one of my favorite monthly columns, simply called Epiphanies and located in each issue’s back page, is where monthly contributors write about their sonic epiphanies.

While this month’s copy is undoubtedly waiting for me at home right now, I was able to read this month’s Epiphanies column from Kenneth Goldsmith on The Wire’s website.  Kenneth Goldsmith is the founder and curator of the extensive online media library UbuWeb.

Through The Wire’s website, Kenneth Goldsmith recommends visiting the following places on ye olde internet: VVORK, an online art gallery; the image blogging site PJ’s Mix; the online poetry collective Jacket 2; the great Thai Music Blog Monrakplengthai; I don’t know what this is all about, but it’s a cool site called The Unknown Hipster; and the absolutely wonderful music blog, Holy Warbles, led by sonic archivist and awesome dude Owl.

UPDATE: See The Wire’s new column called Collateral Damage in response to Kenneth Goldsmith’s Epiphanies column.  Here’s essays by Chris Cutler, Bob Ostertag, Robin Rimbaud, Marcus Boon, Amanda Brown, David Keenan, Eric Lumbleau