The last year was a great year, filled with so much goodness, old and new friends, new places and spaces, great memories all around.  I blinked and the past year passed right in front of me.  I guess my only real complaint is that I wish the world would stop spinning so fast.  Here’s to an amazing 2012! As opposed to last year, I’m not listing any of the pros or cons of 2011, but what I am listing here is a list of reminders for the future year and some small things I would like to resolve to do - or at least resolve to do better - this year.

1. Don’t Forget How Powerful Small Steps Are

I tend to be discouraged by big projects so I need to remind myself to break things down into smaller chunks.  I think this also helps with my sense of accomplishment too - when I have smaller items I complete each day I can celebrate in getting closer to finishing the big project and not be intimidated by it.

2. Be Positive & Keep It Going

I’ve been told that I am overly optimistic about things, but I know I can do better.  My girl is very positive and her amazing energy rubs off on me too.  I just need to keep looking on the bright side and to avoid getting frustrated when I am deep in a task.I’m making progress and working hard.  I plan to keep up the positive vibes to keep the momentum going.

3. Fail More and Fail Better

I am trying to embrace failure.  If I’m not failing it means I am not challenging myself and not climbing to the next level, whatever that means.

4. Drink More Water

I love water.  I should be drinking more of it.

5. Sit Up Straight

I tend to get a little slouchy in the office chair at work.