A couple of months back you may remember I let you know I was an uncle for the third time, well, I am pleased as punch to announce I am an uncle for the fourth time (…and, no, this wasn’t the same sister you may ask, that would be pretty amazing)!  My nephew, Graham Jason, was born today!  I don’t have a fancy song like last time (unless Brian Eno has one called “Fourth Uncle” I don’t know about), so here is a photo of the little guy:

P.S.: I know I haven’t been really great about filling you in on all the action like I promised, but I promise again, I have lots of stuff to tell you about.  The truth is that I have been out of town away at meetings, weddings, or visitings for the past month and really have not yet established myself as an ‘on the road’ blogger, so maybe you can forgive me?