I love overhearing people’s conversations that take place in public.  The following overheard conversation is about as close to verbatim as can be.  I just typed this out as two older women are sitting at the table next to me at my local coffee shop:

Older Woman #1:  “This last weekend my granddaughter and I watched a movie about a guy named Napoleon.”

Older Woman #2:  “Oh, I do like documentaries.  Sometimes I watch them on the public television station.  I haven’t seen any movies about Napoleon Bonaparte.  Was this one any good?”

Older Woman #1: “I don’t think it was a very realistic documentary.  This Napoleon Bonaparte lived in North Dakota.”

Older Woman #2: “I’m pretty sure Napoleon Bonaparte lived in France.  I’m interested if the reason he invaded other countries was because he was overcompensating for being really short.”

Older Woman #1: “I think this Napoleon Bonaparte was really tall and had lots of red hair.”

Older Woman #2: “That doesn’t sound like Napoleon Bonaparte to me, but what do I know.  The movie must have at least talked about the relationship of Napoleon and Josephine?”

Older Woman #1: “I don’t really remember anyone named Josephine.  I just think the movie was about the relationship of Napoleon Bonaparte and some guy named Pedro.”

Older Woman #2: “Napoleon and a guy named Pedro?  That’s funny, I don’t think Napoleon Bonaparte was a homosexual.  I thought he was married to a woman named Josephine.  What kind of trash is your granddaughter making you watch?  Did she stop going to church?”

Older Woman #1: “I don’t think this movie was about homosexual people, but it had something to do with explosives.”

Older Woman #2: “Explosives?  You need to make sure your granddaughter goes to church!”